Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Small Grants

The Union SWCD can assist landowners as a local sponsor for OWEB Small Grants. These grants award up to $15,000 per project to small, on-farm projects that improve water quality and conserve natural resources. These projects may include spring developments, off-channel water developments, windbreaks, riparian exclusion fencing, and more. Grants require a matching contribution of 25% value from the landowner that can be in the form of either cash, in-kind services or materials. The USWCD can help landowners identify concerns, develop project solutions, and apply for funding. Please contact us about a project on your property.

This program enables landowners to contribute to the larger strategic planning efforts happening statewide as outlined in the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds and the Oregon Conservation Strategy.

Eligible projects include

  • Fish Passage
  • Urban Impact Reduction
  • Riparian Process and Function
  • Wetland Process and Fucntion
  • Instream Process and Fucntion
  • Private Road Impact Reduction
  • Upland Process and Function
  • Water Quantity/Irrigation Efficiency

Current the district is working on a spring development and a forest thinning grant.

Learn more on the OWEB site