Staff & Board of Directors

Meet the Union County Soil and Water Conservation Crew!​


Jim Webster – District Manager. Jim is the chief executive officer responsible for providing leadership for personnel, technical and programmatic planning, financial management, public outreach, and conservation project implementation. He coordinates with local landowners, natural resource agencies, regulatory agencies, and other interested partners and stakeholders to develop, design, and implement soil and water conservation practices. Jim provides technical assistance to landowners and agricultural producers to develop and implement conservation actions aimed at sustainable land management while meeting ecological goals. He is responsible for managing the business affairs of the SWCD by developing annual work plans, pursuing project funding, monitoring and reporting achievements and effectiveness, and coordinating with the SWCD Board of Directors.​

Aaron Bliesner – Senior Project Manager. Aaron is responsible for scoping, developing, and implementing conservation project actions on private agricultural and forest lands within the SWCD boundaries. He coordinates with private landowners, conservation partners, and funding entities to identify solutions to protect, enhance, and restore natural resources. Aaron has an education in biology and fisheries management and experience with restoration project planning, construction management, and natural resources monitoring. He also has agricultural experience from growing up on a family farm.

Renee Coxen – Watershed Conservationist. Renee is responsible for assisting agricultural landowners with planning and implementing projects to restore and conserve natural resources. She coordinates and assists the Senior Project Manager in identifying project opportunities, developing project actions, pursuing project funding, and coordinating implementation. Renee has a degree in environmental economics, policy, and management. Renee also has extensive experience in natural resources management, monitoring and assessment, and conservation planning and strategy development.

Anna Lindquist – Firewise Community / CREP Coordinator. Anna assists landowners on working lands in Union County with information and resources to become active stewards of their forests, rangelands, and farms by developing Firewise Communities and implementing natural resources conservation projects. Anna coordinates with other conservation partners, agencies, and funding organizations to provide education, knowledge, technical assistance, and financial support to develop implementation plans for stewardship and conservation actions. Anna has educational degrees in anthropology and sociology, and natural resources with a background in horticulture and botany.

Board of Directors

Jarod Teeter, Chairman, Director Zone 1​

Paul Boehne, Vice-Chairman, Director At-Large​

Curt Ricker, Treasurer, Director At-Large​

Travis Hampton, Director Zone 3​

Fred Wallender, Director Zone 2​

Doug Watts, Director Emeritus