Good Steward of the Year

Every year the Union SWCD selects a recipient for the Good Steward Award that is presented at the Union County Farmer Merchant Banquet.

The Good Steward Award is sponsored by the Union SWCD and presented to individuals or groups that have promoted conservation and land stewardship in coordination with agricultural operations. For agriculture to be successful over the long term, it is necessary to be good stewards of the land we manage. The Union SWCD selects a recipient that manages property for agricultural use within the District boundary, considering:

  • Partnerships with the District to complete projects or manage land for the purpose of conserving natural resources and promoting sustainable agriculture.
  • The amount or intensity of conservation practices implemented.
  • Projects that provide significant support to conservation and restoration of natural resources.

The 2023 Good Steward Award is presented to Sky Huber for his cooperation in completing the Willow Creek, Huber Dam Fish Passage Project. Mr. Huber allowed the Union SWCD to complete construction of a concrete fishway around the Huber Irrigation Dam to provide migration access for fish and lamprey to the Willow Creek Watershed. The dam remains intact and operates to maintain access to irrigation water for agriculture.

Previous Good Stewards Award winners

2023Sky Huber
2022Diane Kinsley
2021Rob and Wendy Langford
2018Mary Aiwohi