Project Updates

Updates are provided to Focus Group members and Union City Council periodically as the project approaches or completes milesstones noted in the timeline, or if there are any significant changes to the project status.

February 2022 Update 

Current Activities: Little Creek and Catherine Creek are on separate restoration tracks because there are differences in their size and scale, physical modifications and infrastructure, and water rights that must be considered. The accuracy and quality of analysis is much higher if the two stream systems are evaluated separately, while still considering the entire project as a combined area. Due to its lesser complexity, Little Creek is furthest along—project activities in Little Creek are expected to start prior to work on Catherine Creek. We are still very early in the evaluation process, and no firm project decisions or commitments have been made. 

Little Creek: Little Creek’s 15% design package and basis design report has been submitted to Bonneville Power Administration for review and comment. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is developing a scope of work for the 30% design effort on Little Creek. 

Catherine Creek: The Grande Ronde Model Watershed is working with the Oregon Department of Transportation to conduct a feasibility and cost-estimate for relocating a portion of Highway 203 along Catherine Creek. 

Technical Information: The 15% Design Report for Little Creek is now available on the project website. The Little Creek Basis Design Report and hydrologic modeling reports are available upon request.   

Public Outreach: USWCD is updating the project’s online Frequently Asked Questions resource sheet. Any significant project updates or additional resources will continue to be posted to the project website (  We are also continuing to work directly with the project’s established Focus Group to share information and receive feedback that helps us communicate better with the public.