Union SWCD Board of Directors

Jarod Teeter, Chairman, Director Zone 1

Paul Boehne, Vice-Chairman, At-Large

Curt Ricker, Treasurer, At-Large

Doug Watts, Secretary, Director Zone 3

Fred Wallender, Director Zone 2

The USWCD, one of the 45 districts in Oregon, is a 501(c)(6) municipal coroporation and form of local government governed under Oregon Revised Statue (ORS) 568.210-890 and ORS 568.900-933, the laws which govern state agencies and special districts. The USWCD was established in 1946 and is currently led by a five member, locally elected Board of DIrectors. The USWCD generally overlaps with the boundaries of the Upper Grande Ronde River Basin, and is divided into three zones. The Board of Directors is made up of one Director from each zone and two at-large Directors. Please see the DIstrict map on the zone map page for the individual zones.

Union SWCD Annual Reports

Public Meeting Notice

2023 Annual Meeting of the Union SWCD will be

Wednesday, February 8, 2022, at 7:00pm

The regular Feburary Board meeting will follow.

 Meeting is located at:

OSU Extension Office Conference Room

10507 N McAlister Road, Island City, OR 97850

The meeting may also be joined by telephone at:

+1 (872) 240-3311     Access Code: 933-694-021

Contact James Webster for a meeting agenda

About the Union SWCD